• A Note from The Designer, Kolton Lane:

    Founder/Head Designer at Haus of Lane.

    Wow! It's finally here. The launch of SHADOW. It's amazing to be in this moment. It's amazing to release this for all of you to finally see and experience. It's amazing to combine two of my passions, clothing design and makeup.


    I designed SHADOW in the heat of the moment after a fight with someone that interests me a lot. When I'm in my head and I do not live my best life, I always go back to my work. So, after thinking hard and needing a distraction, I created SHADOW.


    While this was a spur of the moment design collection, it means so much more. Since I started Haus of Lane, I wanted to make a collection where I combined clothing design and makeup. I really believe and feel like I've finally done it!


    SHADOW was inspired by many things. The main inspiration behind SHADOW was eye shadows, hence the name. Some of the shades used came from some of my favorite makeup palettes, shades like: Brazil, Carnival, and Mardi Gras. Some shades came from some amazing color combinations I would see, shades like: Callea & Chloe, Pastel Love, and Mint. Some of the shades used came from things I love, shades like: Banana Pudding, Peachy Ringy, and Sour Mango. I designed this collection with the intention that whoever wears one of these shades could essentially combine their make-up with their shadow of choice and make a cohesive look, even if it is just a T-shirt and jeans.


    I'm so in love with all 30 tones and I'm even more passionate about the idea of ​​sharing everything with you. I really hope and pray for you to love SHADOW as much as I do and I can not wait to see you all wearing shades from the SHADOW collection.


    Thank you to so many people who have given me ideas, feedback, support, love, and friendship while working on this collection. This collection is my new baby and I am so grateful for this opportunity to share not only my art with you guys, but the world. Thank you to my clients and customers who have continuously come back for more. Thank you for allowing a small business like mine the opportunity to showcase our talent.


    Thank you all so much and I hope you enjoy SHADOW as much as I have enjoyed making it all for you.


    All my endless love,

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