When I first started Haus of Lane in 2015, I was a brand new business owner who had no idea where to begin. I was approached by a company called Redbubble. After researching Redbubble and realizing that there were no contracts involved, I agreed to partner with Redbubble. I just partnered with Redbubble to create. That is what I wanted to do was create. At first, things were great! I had the ability to create anything that came to mind and make some money while doing it, I was hooked.


    Soon that all began to change around April 2016. I had been working with Redbubble for about 1 year now and I kept getting emails continuously stating that Redbubble has to remove my artwork? Not one email has ever told me reasons why just that they have to remove my artwork. Redbubble has continuously tried to censor my work and has continuously removed artwork from my store without any provocation. I have worked tirelessly to not only create art for others to enjoy but to also create art and fashion that has made a statement. Today, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, I am making my statement.


    I have never once sold out my brand or have let others tell me what I could or couldn't do with my business. Because of this, as owner and head designer for Haus of Lane, I am ending my partnership with Redbubble IMMEDIATELY. I will no longer design, support, or advertise Redbubble. I will no longer pull time away from family and friends to design artwork for a company who does not give a shit about me or my company.


    Some may not understand the process behind this decision, that is okay. Keep this in mind, a collection of 30 or so designs, like SHADOW or the Fall & Halloween 2020 collection, takes time. It takes anywhere from 6 months to 1 year of prep work, design work, marketing work, editing, etc., just to get it absolutely perfect for the world to see. It is a full-scale operation requiring time and effort just to get everything ready come launch time. So imagine working extremely hard on a full-scale collection like SHADOW, to be told that it is being deleted with no reason why? You would be pissed. You worked your ass off for these bitches, to not only make money for your company but your partner as well, only to be told, nope! It has become 100% clear where Haus of Lane and myself stand with Redbubble. There is a reason why Redbubble does not initiate artist contracts.


    So I am done. I will no longer be speaking on this anymore.


    The Redbubble partnership has ended effective immediately as of Tuesday, September 15, 2020.